Internationality in JCI Jyväskylä

International Confrences and events

JCI European Conference 2017 in Basel (Switzerland)

JCI European Conference takes its place on May 24–27 in Basel. This event gathers over 1000 JCI’s from all over the Europe yearly! Check out the program and join!

 JCI World Congress 2017 in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

JCI members from all around the world will experience the-party-hardy-dutch-culture in Amsterdam on November 6-10! Check out the program and join!

MultiTwinning – co-operation between foreign chapters

JCI Jyväskylä has a long tradition in twinning activities. Our two twinning chapters are JCI Würzburg in Germany and JCI Gent Artevelde in Belgium. The twinning contract with Würzburg was signed already 16 years ago and with Gent Artevelde in 2007.

All our Twinning activities have been open for all three chapters and that is why we call our joint venture “MultiTwinning”. The purpose of our twinning has always been to initiate and cherish learning, lifelong friendships, and as a consequence to create business opportunities for our members.

In summer 2016,  following JCI Finland’s strategy to provide members with possibilities to develop their international capabilities and business relations, and in the honor of Europe Conference in Tampere we organized a three day MultiTwinning event preceding the EC.

» Read here the highlights of 2016 MultiTwinning experience!

Contact information

International coordinator: Aleksi Graf, +358 400 69 1324 (whatsapp, SMS, call…)